Getting your home ready for your amazing newborn baby is one of the most special moments of your life. It’s something that you will surely never forget, especially for your first child. But, times change and so do all of the different items you can outfit your home and your newborn’s room with.

If you aren’t sure what to get, or what to ask for for your baby shower, here are some products that might be perfect.

A Bottle Sterilizer

While maybe not something you need right away, especially if you are planning on breast feeding, when you do switch to a bottle you will want to get a sterilizer. Babies seem to eat all of the time. When you are bottle-feeding you never have enough and you never have the time to keep up with cleaning them.

A good quality sterilizer will allow you to clean them exceptionally well without the need for much manual labor on your part. You can think of it like a dishwasher just for your baby.

A High End Baby Monitor

Long gone are the days of when a baby monitor just emitted static and the occasional cry. Today’s baby monitors do so much more.

Most higher end models now include video along with the standard audio. Some of the even fancier ones like this baby monitor by Angelcare that can sense movement. It can also sense the room’s temperature, which can be useful if your baby gets picky with temperature swings.

Womb Music Emulators

The first nights home for a newborn can be rough for both the baby and the parents. If you think about it, your baby spent almost an entire year close to the mother’s heartbeat. Now, for the first time that heartbeat is not nearly as close.

A womb music emulator can sooth newborns as they rest. It makes it easier for them to fall asleep and to sleep longer. That also means it helps the parents sleep too.

An Automatic Laundry Folder

Yes, there is actually a machine that can fold the laundry for you. It looks like something out of the Fallout series of video games. And, while this is more for the parents than it is for the baby directly, can you image just how useful it can be?

Babies go through so many clothes it’s unbelievable. While sleep is limited and parents are cranky, the thing you want to do is waste time folding laundry. That’s where this nifty tool comes in. You can sleep or do something else while it does the folding for you.

An Electronic Changing Table

A newborn is going to go through a good amount of diapers. With each diaper used, you need to change them into a new one. You can use a plain old boring changing table, or you can opt for a much cooler one.

It’s not going to change diapers for you, but it will weight your baby each time. And, you can automatically log the data so you can get an idea just how much your baby is growing.


There are plenty of cool things you can get for your newborn. They can be a major help to the parents too, allowing them to get more sleep and spend their time in more useful ways.

Having a newborn at home is amazing, but you will quickly see how much more important time is. Make the most of it.

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