The World is a Big/Small Place

We all live on a planet we call Earth. But what exactly makes up this shared home?

The World is Big

The world is big. It’s not just big it’s massive. The population is always increasing from 6 billion to 7 billion to over 8 billion people! That’s incredible.

There are so many different types of people living in close to 200 different countries each with the own cultures. Some of these countries are small and some are so big there is actually more than one culture living within their borders.

Just think about all those people in all those countries. Then, think about them interacting. There are more than 6,000 languages that all these people use to communicate.

And although there are so many languages, the world is so big you may only ever naturally come across a very tiny percentage of them all.

There are different races of people with their own physical traits. Caucasians typically have fair skin and a wide range of eye and hair colors, Asians usually have a light brown skin with black eyes and black hair. And, those with African roots have darker skin and dark hair and eyes as well.

You also have Middle-easterners with their own unique qualities such as a typically darker skin tone than Caucasians but less variation in hair and eye color.

The world is truly big and diverse. It’s an amazing thought.

The World is Small

The world is small. Each and every day is gets a little more crowded meaning there’s a little less space for all of the people living here.

For every new birth there’s a little less of our natural resources to go around. And, climate change due to our population boom and ways of life are making that even more prominent.

Technology has made this ever more noticeable shrinkage even more prevalent. Airplanes can fly you from one side of the planet to the other side in less than a day. And, depending on which way you are flying, with or against the international timeline, you can wake up on one side of the Earth, board a plane, fly to the other side, and go to bed on the very same day.

It’s astonishing how small the planet is!

Do you live in the United States? Are your parents in Japan? Guess what, you can not only talk to them whenever you want, you can also see them, thanks to video chat applications like Skype.

You can get news from around the world in an instant from regular people via social media like Twitter.

You can even see abandoned areas of the planet like the 50-year old decommissioned nuclear power plants –

The world is indeed a small place.

Big or Small?

So, is the world big or is it small? The correct answer is both. There is so much area and so many people. There is a ton of culture. There is good and there is less good, some of which people might want to call evil.

But, the world is shrinking as well due to population growth and technology.

It’s a dynamic ever-changing place that ripe for exploration.

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