King Kong aint got sh*t on us! Just kidding, we love you Denzel. But really, we are a small group of like minded individuals looking to be bigger as a group than we are as single people. We want to scout out all things good in the universe and highlight them. We want and aim to bring light to the darkness.

There's a lot of negatives in the world. Sadly, they seem to get the most attention. Shady businessmen and violent crime flood the mainstream media's TV, radio, and Internet coverage. It must be what gets the eyes and the clicks, and there the advertisers and their money.

But, that's doing a major disservice to the world as a whole. There are a lot of good people doing a lot of good things out there.

We all love superheros here, and we really like Spiderman. He was a nerdy kid that got put into a very incredible but trying situation because of a spider bite. He became a true force of good, but in the process, he hurt his family. And, he must hide his powers for fear of having others try to hurt those he loves.

Still, he does what he can to make the world a better place, and forgoes any of the fame and fortune it could bring him in order to protect his loved ones. That's a real superhero.

And guess what? That happens every single day in the real world. There are people doing good for the sake of doing good, and not for the sake of fame or fortune.

They can be helping the homeless, or starting a green eco-friendly business to try and compete with dangerous businesses. It can be a single-person effort, or a massive corporate one.

They are the real superheros, and that is the kind of thing that interests us here. We hope you want to read more about them and less about the Kardasians' latest wardrobe malfunction.

If that sounds good to you, welcome, and thanks for the visit.

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