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Huronia Spiderman, the one and only web spraying international branding and PR superheroes who swing from case to case, putting villains in their place and helping our clients rise to the top of the pack.

Well don't we have the inflated ego? Sure, perhaps we do think highly of ourselves, but hey, if you helped a Chinese branch of a major U.S shipper increase corporate account sign ups by over 400% in one quarter alone, wouldn't you also have a chip on your shoulder?

Huronia Spiderman is all about taking on big challenges and sometimes these challenges present themselves in the form of non-traditional industries looking to disrupt how business is done. This might now sound that scary, but believe us, when the industry is an age old one that has barely changed in how it functions for thousands of years, then you have your hands full.

Shipping: From Old to New

One of the most most challenging industries for us has been shipping. Where creating a brand matrix for a fashion ecommerce titan is simply a matter of analyzing demographics and fashion trends, getting a shipping company to increase its brand perception and thus business, requires a whole new way of looking at branding and PR in particular.

When was the last time you saw a SuperBowl style advertisement for a shipping company? Can't remember? Well, that's because as a consumer you don't have international shippers at the forefront of your memory, but what if we told you that for the last 10 years there have been one big international shipping company commercial in each of the SuperBowls? From UPS to Fedex and DHL, they always subtly slip their brands in some of the most viewed television in America.

Here is one of the home-runs that Fed Ex hit during the 2006 SuperBowl:

Given that you don't remember the commercial specifically, do you have a favorite shipper? If so, have you ever asked yourself "why" you like FedEx or DHL so much? Is it the color of their logo? Is it because they always deliver your products on time and in good condition? Do they simply have good reputations for quality and that is why you prefer them?

All of these can be answered by how these brands approach branding. In terms of actually shipping from China to the USA, the brand may not be a viral one on Facebook, but you definitely have a name in mind should you want to ship something, whether it a Christmas present to a former exchange student friend or two tons of fidget spinners fresh from the factories in Hangzhou.

Brand Positioning Can Be Subtle Yet Deadly

Okay, we kid, we don't want our branding to be so good it kills anyone, however what we're getting at here is the fact that positioning a brand, even in an entrenched and "traditional" industry like global shipping, is a critical aspect to any companies larger marketing strategy it cannot be ignored.

If you rely solely on large contract orders and are content not growing your business then we are sorry to break the bad news to you but your business will not last. Your competitors are always working to overtake you and if you rest for just a short period of time they can snatch up market share like that.

If you are at the top of your game you have to continually push yourself and thus your brand to be the best it can be and to stay at the forefront of consumers minds whenever they are making purchasing decisions, from buying consumer goods online to shipping inventory around the world.

Huronia Spiderman, yeah, so what we have a bit of a whacky name, we work hard and we get results and we never take no for an answer; that's why we chose Spiderman for part of our brand!

Whether you are looking for simple consulting, or you want an agency to plug into your own in-house PR department or you want to outsource your entire branding and PR strategy then please please do get in touch with us today. We are ready for action and will happily give you a brand positioning and competition overview report completely free of charge. So pick up the phone and give us a call. You know you want to.. our spidey senses tell us so!

New Headphones? How to Properly Burn in Your Headphones

You probably heard somewhere that you should burn in your headphones before actually using them actively. But as anyone ever told you why? How? Or even if you should burn in headphones? Well this guide will show you everything you need to know about how to burn in your headphones.

What is headphone burn in?

To keep it simple burning in your headphones is a way to warm up or break in your headphones before you use them. What the burning in your headphones does is allows for various parts of the headphones to loosen up. This in turn can give you a better hearing experience.

To burn in your headphones you usually play your headphones a certain way until they are warmed up.

Why should I burn in my headphones?

Many people believe that burning in your headphones will give you a better sound. This better sound will usually have better highs better mids and tighter lows. But there is also the question as to why burn in your headphones if you can just start listening to them and burn them in that way?

That is usually called a natural burn in. So in essence everybody’s headphones will be burned if they decide to use them regularly. Your advantage by burning your headphones in manually is that you can get the benefits of having your headphones sound like they’ve been broken in for months within a few days.

Should I Burn in my headphones?

The answer to that is a personal opinion. Many are against burning in headphones by saying that the burn in process is a myth. Although there are many that believe that burning in their headphones made a huge difference on their first listen.

The best advice for you would be to experiment and try burning in your headphones for yourself. If you don’t notice a difference after an average length of burn in then it’s probably not worth any more your time.

As a side note, many of the top grade headphone brands like Grado (check), Audio Technica, JL Audio, Senso, and others advise users to use a burn in process for their new headphones.

Don't believe me? Then check out this Senso Bluetooth headphones review and see what they suggest?

With over 100 years of experience between those 4 companies along with millions of satisfied customers there may be something to this burn in idea they recommend.

So let’s find out how to burn in headphones.

How to guide to burning in headphones:

Before the guide is started it’s important to note that many have different burn in rules and guidelines. This guide is meant for a beginner or someone just getting into burning headphones. So please understand this while going over the guide. Thanks.
At the basics the burn in process is just playing music or sound on your headphones for an extended period of time. But what type of sound? This is another area where people have different views. Some people say a variety of music is the best, where some say white noise while others say pink noise.

Your best bet would be to use pink noise. Pink noise is a series of sound frequencies playing simultaneously. This sound isn’t usually pleasing on the first listen but after a while it becomes something you can listen to at low volumes for long periods of time; some use it as concentration music.

IMPORTANT! You do not have to listen to your headphones while the burn in process is taking place.
The thought behind using pink noise is that it plays each frequency that you can hear equally.

Where can you find pink noise? Many people suggestion using audio software to loop the pink noise then save it and play it but there is a much easy method using the worldwide web. Here YouTube video where you can play pink noise for free without any editing.

Another choice for color noise is brown noise. Brown noise can work as well if you prefer this method. As I don’t have much experience with brown noise I can’t give any through details for breaking in headphones.

How long should I burn in my headphones?

WAIT! Before you plug in your headphones and start playing pink noise you need to decide how long to play it for.

Clock time for burning in also varies widely from person to person. Some recommend 10hrs while others recommend 300hrs. These wide ranges are usually peoples personal preference so if there’s no reason to stress about how long.

You should start with 48 to 50hrs of constant pink noise. This is easily the safest choice from the 10hr to 300hr range. Although if you’re comfortable with waiting up to 4 days for your headphones to be ready then you can go with 100hrs as that option is a common one.

50hrs may sound like a long time but the possible benefits are well worth it. To get over the down time of not having your headphones it’s best to start a different activity so you don’t pull the plug short on your burn in as it can be tempting.

Another important note for length of time is the quality of the headphone. Most headphones that cost under $50 can get away with a burn in less than 24hrs; between 10 and 24hrs. If your headphones are $20 or below they‘ll probably only need a burn in between 5hrs to 10hrs max. So don’t burn in your headphones like there the $250 dollar ones; just use the best time suited for your headphones.

What not to do while burning in headphones

There are plenty of ways not to burn in your headphones as well.

Guideline 1: Don’t put the volume at 100%

Some have completely blown out there headphones by doing this 20+ hours on a burn in and have been very disappointed afterwards. They did this thinking louder would make the process go by quicker; Sometimes you have to have a little patience. So keep your volume around 35% for the best safety of your headphones during a burn in process.

Guideline 2: Don’t turn up a booster on your headphones if you have one.

Keep your equalizers and boosters all the same when you burn in so that the mids don’t get more of a workout than the lows and vice versa.

Guideline 3: Don’t add any shortcuts to the above method.

One of the biggest recommendations is not to experiment unless you know your equipment or can afford another pair. So just follow the above directions and see how your headphones are after 50hrs or 100hrs of burn in time.

What can I do if I don’t want to burn in my headphones?

If burning in your headphones seems like a bit much then you can take a different route and buy used headphones. Used headphones usually will have a good amount of listening time on them which will be good if you’re looking for a nice broken in sound. To find some great used headphones you can check out a few at

Also if you need help finding the best sounding headphones looking through the best studio headphone guide will help.

Final Thoughts:

Burning in your headphones can be a boring process but the benefits can be great as your headphones will sound like you’ve had them for over a year. So test out the above method and see how it works for you.

The World is a Big/Small Place

We all live on a planet we call Earth. But what exactly makes up this shared home?

The World is Big

The world is big. It’s not just big it’s massive. The population is always increasing from 6 billion to 7 billion to over 8 billion people! That’s incredible.

There are so many different types of people living in close to 200 different countries each with the own cultures. Some of these countries are small and some are so big there is actually more than one culture living within their borders.

Just think about all those people in all those countries. Then, think about them interacting. There are more than 6,000 languages that all these people use to communicate.

And although there are so many languages, the world is so big you may only ever naturally come across a very tiny percentage of them all.

There are different races of people with their own physical traits. Caucasians typically have fair skin and a wide range of eye and hair colors, Asians usually have a light brown skin with black eyes and black hair. And, those with African roots have darker skin and dark hair and eyes as well.

You also have Middle-easterners with their own unique qualities such as a typically darker skin tone than Caucasians but less variation in hair and eye color.

The world is truly big and diverse. It’s an amazing thought.

The World is Small

The world is small. Each and every day is gets a little more crowded meaning there’s a little less space for all of the people living here.

For every new birth there’s a little less of our natural resources to go around. And, climate change due to our population boom and ways of life are making that even more prominent.

Technology has made this ever more noticeable shrinkage even more prevalent. Airplanes can fly you from one side of the planet to the other side in less than a day. And, depending on which way you are flying, with or against the international timeline, you can wake up on one side of the Earth, board a plane, fly to the other side, and go to bed on the very same day.

It’s astonishing how small the planet is!

Do you live in the United States? Are your parents in Japan? Guess what, you can not only talk to them whenever you want, you can also see them, thanks to video chat applications like Skype.

You can get news from around the world in an instant from regular people via social media like Twitter.

You can even see abandoned areas of the planet like the 50-year old decommissioned nuclear power plants –

The world is indeed a small place.

Big or Small?

So, is the world big or is it small? The correct answer is both. There is so much area and so many people. There is a ton of culture. There is good and there is less good, some of which people might want to call evil.

But, the world is shrinking as well due to population growth and technology.

It’s a dynamic ever-changing place that ripe for exploration.

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There's a lot of negatives in the world. Sadly, they seem to get the most attention. Shady businessmen and violent crime flood the mainstream media's TV, radio, and Internet coverage. It must be what gets the eyes and the clicks, and there the advertisers and their money.

But, that's doing a major disservice to the world as a whole. There are a lot of good people doing a lot of good things out there.

We all love superheros here, and we really like Spiderman. He was a nerdy kid that got put into a very incredible but trying situation because of a spider bite. He became a true force of good, but in the process, he hurt his family. And, he must hide his powers for fear of having others try to hurt those he loves.

Still, he does what he can to make the world a better place, and forgoes any of the fame and fortune it could bring him in order to protect his loved ones. That's a real superhero.

And guess what? That happens every single day in the real world. There are people doing good for the sake of doing good, and not for the sake of fame or fortune.

They can be helping the homeless, or starting a green eco-friendly business to try and compete with dangerous businesses. It can be a single-person effort, or a massive corporate one.

They are the real superheros, and that is the kind of thing that interests us here. We hope you want to read more about them and less about the Kardasians' latest wardrobe malfunction.

If that sounds good to you, welcome, and thanks for the visit.

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